Different Hand Ltd

Historical manuscript transcription, XML markup, data cleaning/processing, research assistance.

About Different Hand Ltd

Different Hand Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company number: 8652354

Registered Office: 26 South St Mary's Gate, Grimsby, DN31 1LW

Dr Gavin Robinson is sole director and shareholder. I set up the company in 2013 to provide transcription and research services, particularly to universities. Many universities are reluctant to use employees or self-employed freelancers for short-term work because of extra tax liabilities, while some institutions have dubious approaches to self-employment that could be illegal. Working through a limited company allows me to protect my own freedom and ensure rigorous tax compliance while taking the administrative burden off clients and offering affordable prices without exploiting anyone. We specialize in jobs that are too big for academic researchers to do themselves but too small to justify taking on an employee. Our typical contracts are under the limit for tenders (typically £3,000 in the UK and $5,000 in the US), but we can give quotes for bigger contracts that require three bids.

We don't provide teaching services (not even palaeography training) and we don't support casualisation of teaching jobs. Our work is always carried out in the UK. We do not exploit low-paid workers in the Far East and we do not use unpaid workers from Workfare. Our business depends on free international trade and adequate funding for humanities research. We are strongly in favour of EU membership.